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Have you solved all the puzzles available on the market?
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Can you solve it?

We are excited to bring to you a brand-new crazy puzzle that will take you on a joyride of fun, thrilling and new challenges. If you have tried out almost all the puzzles in the current market and looking for something fresh this time, our GRINNERZ will be a great pick for you. It’s compact, cool, funny and complicated at the same time - and that’s what make the whole game so interesting.

We must stress here the theme of our puzzle shares similarities with the legendary Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Just as Rubik’s Cube wants you to align the cubes in each row based on colors, our GRINNERZ needs you to align the gears and faces in the same position to solve the puzzle. It might look nothing more than a simple fidget spinner but once you get inside, it’s something truly mindblowing. If you love challenges or have great logical talent, GRINNERZ is the game for you.

The puzzle is meticulously designed to keep you engaged for hours. Rotating just one gear can mix the game so crazy bad that you will find it real tough to find your way back even in hours! You will enjoy the hard-core mental stimulation churned by the puzzle and you will never feel bored even for one moment. Put simply, GRINNERZ is the game we all puzzle lovers have been waiting for really long.

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